June Concept of Welcome Back LRP Essentials

Welcome Back to Work with LRP Essentials!

กรกฎาคม 13, 2020

As more and more businesses reopen, LRP Essentials wants to help you celebrate resiliency with our Welcome Back! Collection. We have created a collection of essentials with innovative and eco-friendly highlights to make returning to  work a pleasure.

LRP Essentials Are Essentials

LRP Essentials focuses on the fundamentals that we use every day at work and at home. Pens, notebooks, bags – we all find ourselves needing one or all of these items. LRP Essentials turns these tools into branded art for you to share with those around you.

Welcome Back Collection for Getting Back to Work

Metal Pen with Lanyard

The lanyard keeps this multi-function implement close at hand. So, there’s no need to search your pockets when you need to write or sign a document. An added bonus is the stylus tip that allows you to interact with touchscreens without needing to touch them. All in sleek, stylish metal.

Recycled Leather Notebook

Paper is still essential. And now, it is environmentally sound. This recycled leather notebook re-uses and re-purposes materials down to the wood-free paper. Elegantly bound, you will want to keep this notebook on hand for meeting notes and the next big idea!

Multi-function Wrapper/Bag

Innovative and easy to use, this wrapper has myriad uses. Protect your belongings from dust, moisture, and scratches with this lightweight, durable cloth. The advanced adhesive sticks safely to surfaces without damage and allows you to fashion it into a bag to safeguard your valuables. A novel concept turned into a must-have essential.

Welcome Staff, Colleagues, and Clients Back with LRP Essentials

Add your branding to LRP Essentials’ Welcome Back! Collection for a welcome gift to staff, customers, and business associates. Show your appreciation with items they will appreciate. Contact our team for a quote today!