The Art of Gift Giving for Business in Asia

August 17, 2020

Corporate gifts are fundamental for business relationships, particularly in Asia. So, what should you give? Is it too much? Selecting the perfect promotional product isn’t a decision to take lightly, especially as you plan for the upcoming festive season.

LRP are experts in corporate gift giving, with a heritage going back decades of helping organizations, large and small, make a powerful impact with elegant and meaningful branded promotional products. Here are a few tips for if you are in Asia:

Holiday Gift Giving is Expected in Asia

The holiday season in Asia sees a frantic flurry of cards and gifts flooding desks across the region. How will your gift stand out? Often it’s what you don’t do that’s just as important.  Clocks, mirrors, and sharp objects are seen by some as more of a warning than a gift. Any variation of 4 is unlucky, while the numbers 8 and 9 are lucky. Black and white are funeral colors.

How do you deal with nuanced cultural differences without getting overly complex or going over budget? When should you send ornate gift baskets? Could a simple pen do? Ask LRP. We’ll be more than happy to help!

The Art Of Gift Giving in Asia with LRP Essentials

Your Holiday Gifts Should Be impressive, but Not Too Impressive

You might think that splashy, extravagant gifts would be your best bet to impress your customers in Asia. Not necessarily so. Corporate gifts have been receiving more scrutiny, especially in China, but also here in Thailand, due to bribery scandals. With regulatory eyes on the lookout for overly expensive presents, you’ll need to impress with style and panache rather than value. It’s up to design and detail to make the difference.

Not sure how to achieve that? Let us be your guide. LRP has expertly produced distinctive branded gifts for companies across Asia. We know which products will create the best impact for your brand while creating a lasting, positive impression well into the new year.

LRP is Your Partner for Perfect Corporate Gifts

LRP draws on experience from developing corporate gift strategies for Sotheby’s, Harry Winston, and American Express, to name a few.  Let us assist you as you plan your corporate gift giving for the upcoming new year holidays and end your year with excellent prospects for the new year!