LRP - May - Tote bag - V2 - 050620LRP - May - Tote bag - V2 - 050620


Thank You, Workers! – The Tote Bag

Collection : May 2020
Concept : Nice and kind words are the best way to simply and sincerely say thank you to your employees with this Thank you Pack full of your selected good quality products. Customize your own words to let every workers know how thankful you are for all of their hard work.

Dimensions : W30 x H36 cm
Material : PU leather handles with painted edges
Body in canvas 18oz with inside pocket
Printed 1 side
Lead-time for sample : 25 days
Lead-time for production : 55 days
Transpiration fee : 3,000 THB once
Quantity : 100 / 250 / 1,000 pcs

Tote Bag

With a comfortable PU leather handle and an easy-access side pocket on the inside, this tote is roomy and convenient. Branded with your logo and message, you’ll make an impression every day.

A stylish, mixed gender, and functional shopping staple, this tote bag is a fantastic and useful gift for any professional being both economical and environmentally friendly. An easy way to expose your brand and to give kudos: “Thank you for your hard work”.

Minimum Order Quantity


Lead time

25 days