Stylus Phone Holder Pen By LR EssentialsStylus Phone Holder Pen By LR Essentials


The River – The Wave of Life Phone Holder Pen

Collection : April 2020
Concept : The shape of river waves and the ever-changing flow of the current creates the soft forms and interlocking, perpetual structure of this pattern. Its bright colour scheme also reflects the variation of lives that live along the river and refers to the sunlight that shines across the water.

Lead-time for sample: 15 days
Lead-time for production: 35 days
Quantity: 500 / 1,000 / 5,000 pc

Phone Holder Pen

This innovative pen has an attractive design feature. Along with the traditional ink tip and stylus, that handsome curve is a smartphone holder, ideal for selfies, videos, or Zoom meetings.

The phone holder pen is a promotional gift that everyone will love. Practical and stylish, it provides stability for smartphone users, and also comes with a stylus. This item is perfect for your next marketing campaign giveaways, paired with the other items within the “The River – Wave Of Life” collection. LR Essentials branded pen with its wave-shaped design is a delight to hold and sits beautifully within your hand.

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35 days