LRP - May - Post-It - V2 - 050720LRP - May - Post-It - V2 - 050720


Thank You, Workers! – Flower Post-It

Collection : May 2020
Concept : Nice and kind words are the best way to simply and sincerely say thank you to your employees with this Thank you Pack full of your selected good quality products. Customize your own words to let every workers know how thankful you are for all of their hard work.

Dimensions : 3*3 inches
Details : 50 sheets per pack, first page printed with logo and quote
Set of 3 assorted colors blocks.
Transpiration fee : 3,000 THB once
Quantity : 300 / 500 / 1,000 sets of 3 blocks

Flower Post-Its

Brighten the day with flowers that don’t need watering. These flower-shaped post-its are perfect for encouraging notes and happy reminders. Add your own logo and inspiring message for greater impact.

A useful, cute and meaningful gift, to give inspiration and spread
the word.

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