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LRP Essentials Pens: Perfect for Meetings Anywhere

May 26, 2020

Whether working from home or back in the office, LRP Essentials pens do more than put ink to paper.

Pens are still essential stationery

Even in this digital age, everyone can use a pen. Some still prefer traditional paper and ink. Some still rely on hard copy signatures. And ink pens can keep writing when the power is out, without “low battery” warnings.

LRP Essentials have the perfect pens for the online age

Many ink pens today are multifunctional tools, adapted for the modern digital era. From styluses to USB drives to device holders, LRP Essentials offers writing implements that everyone will love.

Hygienic Metal Stylus Pen

Sleek and simple, this elegant pen is part of our Thank You, Workers! pack. But you can order it separately as well. It fits comfortably in the hand and moves smoothly either as an ink pen or a stylus. Users can easily switch from taking notes to interacting with a screen during a Zoom meeting.

Metal Branded Pen

The Metal Branded Pen records information in more ways than you’d think. A writing end that can switch between ink and stylus – there is also a USB drive in the back.  Important documents or presentations can always be at hand.

Phone Holder Pen

This innovative pen has an attractive design feature that provides an essential function. Along with the traditional ink tip and stylus, the eye-catching curve is a smartphone holder. No need to hold your phone at arm’s length or lean it up against a coffee mug. Just place your phone in the holder for taking selfies, watching videos, or attending Zoom meetings.

Pens By LRP Essentials Easy For Meetings in 2020

Make an impression with branded pens from LRP Essentials

The LRP Essentials range of pens presented with your branding will impress your clients every time they use it. Contact LRP Essentials today to find out more.