Look Forward to 2021 with LRP Essentials!

August 20, 2020

Show your clients and colleagues you’re ready to move on from COVID-19 and all its troubles. Give the aspirational message of better times ahead with LRP Essential’s Autumn collection. We’ve selected high quality products to match the brilliant yellow, blue, and orange tones of the phenomenal days waiting in the future.

What better way to demonstrate your brand’s uniquely bright outlook than with our limited edition We’re So Looking Forward to 2021 pens, notebooks, and bags!

LRP Essentials: perfect now and in the future

Looking forward to 2021 means a positive attitude in 2020. Our essential offerings of pens, notebooks, and bags are colorful representations of all that is creative and wonderful in your organization. Demonstrate your vitality for a beneficial relationship with clients, potential customers, and colleagues now and in the next years with these promotional products not to be found anywhere else.

Metal pen

Sleek and stylish in clean metal and elegant packaging, show your brand off with the panache you can only find with LRP Essentials!

Laminated notebook

Brighten everyone’s day with these vibrant notebooks that evoke brilliant times to come. Creative, modern designs are laminated into covers to protect the visually pleasing green-lined pages within, ensuring inspirations and ideas have a happy home.

Foldable shopping bag

Encourage customers and partners to shop in style and promote your brand with these vibrant orange, yellow, or blue eco-friendly nylon totes. They’re conveniently foldable, sustainably reusable, and fantastically eye-catching.

LRP Essentials branded products for your brighter future

LRP Essentials wants to help you lift spirits by focusing on the future.

The We Are So Looking Forward to 2021 collection conveys confidence and optimism. Leverage these exclusive products and designs to showcase your organization’s identity and soul.

Contact us to find out how you can share this encouraging message today.