Keeping your branded products from being trashed

August 4, 2020

Eco-friendly Branded Products: Good corporate gifts create great first impressions. Excellent corporate gifts help you maintain that impression and, in subtle ways, boost your relationship with customers, clients, and colleagues. 

To achieve this impressive impact, nevertheless, takes care and consideration, and obviously the effects disappear quickly if the gift is hidden in a drawer, or worse, thrown away!

LRP Essentials has a pedigree of providing branded gifts from Rolls Royce to the White House. We want to share some simple tips that will guarantee your corporate gifts are impactful and effective, creating and cultivating successful business relationships.

The case for branded products

Whether you’re attending a conference or conducting client meetings, branded giveaways help increase name recognition, and subtly trigger reciprocity biasing. Beyond handing out business cards, a promotional product is a tangible sign of your goodwill and attention to care, so take advantage of that moment.

Noticed – not ridiculed

But beware – you want to be noticed in a beneficial way. Something outrageous like novelty hats or foam fingers may be memorable, but is that the message you want to convey? How often will they look at it or use it after that first smile or laugh? Overthinking your promotions may end up a waste of time and money.

Eco-friendly Branded Products should stand out

For a branded product to transcend being a mere novelty look to LRP Essentials. For example, choose our exceptional multi-function sticky wrapper for recipients to think of your company as they protect their valuables. Or provide them with all the tools they need at a seminar or meeting with a fully outfitted eco-set notebook. Corporate gifts that people love help confirm your brand’s ingenuity and uniqueness.  

Eco-friendly Branded Products

People love practical products

Promotional products, Eco-friendly Branded Products, and corporate gifts should be part of a greater campaign to bring attention to your company’s name. In a positive way. Will a branded rubber ducky encourage potential customers to call on you? Maybe if you sell soaps. But, for most companies, the best reminders occur with practical, useful items that people need every day, such as bags, pens, and notebooks.

You can hand out these items on almost every occasion, and the recipients will almost always welcome them. We’ve all needed a pen at some point, even in this wired day and age. By offering such useful gifts, you subtly show your appreciation for them and indicate an elevated level of customer care.

Practical originality is a winner

With LRP Essentials, your Eco-friendly Branded Products and promotional gifts will reflect your flair and creativity without compromising practicality, and vice versa. You could, for example, choose to go beyond a basic branded tote — show off your flexibility with funky and functional waterproof bags or support environmental conservation with sturdy and sustainable Tyvek bags. Our catalog provides you with inspirational items that convey complete messaging, from your branding to the product itself. And as every collection has limited availability, you can be sure that your corporate gifts from  LRP Essentials are as unique as your company.

LRP Essentials Waterproof Bags

Impress your contacts with branded gifts from LRP Essentials

Now that you’ve decided on practical promotional products, make sure they are superior design and quality. LRP Essentials offers a catalogue of stylish, practical corporate gifts that will make a lasting impression as recipients will find themselves using them every day. Browse online or contact us to find out how good your brand will look with LRP Essentials today!