Eco-friendly Branded Products From LRP Essentials

Go Green with LRP Essentials’ Soft, Earthy, Warm Collection

กรกฎาคม 13, 2020

Your organisation cares about its environmental legacy. And reducing, reusing, and recycling can be stylish and fun, even in business. Show your connection with the natural world by sharing LRP Essentials’ Soft, Earthy, Warm Collection. Earth tones and eco-friendly materials make for essentials everyone will want to have.

LRP Essentials Knows Necessities

Bags, pens, and notebooks will always have a place in everyone’s lives. Even in this electronic device world, you may still find yourself needing pen and paper. And we all can use a bag to hold our devices, as well as our pens and papers! LRP Essentials knows these basic necessities are the perfect platform for branding your organization, in style and on point.

Soft, Earthy, and Warm is Stylish, Convenient, and Green

Tyvek Totes

Tyvek is an eco-friendly material that is extremely durable. Featuring soft earth and green tones, the branded tote is also water-resistant.

Eco Metal Bamboo Pens

Reduce plastic consumption with these classy metal pens encased in bamboo. The sturdy wood is a comfortable grip, and the twist closure means no lost pen caps. These sustainable pens come in two styles, both a suitable background for any logo.

Eco-Set Notebook

All your stationery needs in one elegant, environmentally friendly package. Recycled materials encase paper, post-its, pen, and pencils. There are even spaces for a ruler, pencil sharpener, and eraser. With your organisation’s branding in front, this notebook set is ideal for seminars or conferences.

Show Your Soft, Earthy, Warm Side with LRP Essentials

Share your appreciation for your clients, colleagues, and staff while promoting sustainable practices. These refined gifts fit the bill as they are practical as well as eco-friendly. Contact LRP Essentials today to find out how fabulous it would be to show off your green side!