Do More with LRP Essentials Waterproof Bags

May 26, 2020

Waterproof bags, also known as dry bags, have always been essential when going to the beach, taking a boat trip, or venturing anywhere there is a chance of getting wet. Here are a few other uses that could make a waterproof bag essential for every outing.

4 Creative Uses for Your Dry Bag

1. Pillow 

Soft yet durable, you can turn your dry bag into a pillow. Fill it with clothes, or air, and snap it tight – you get a little added comfort to rest your head. Perfect for travelling or when you need an extra cushion.

2. Gym / Laundry Waterproof Bags

Just as you can keep the elements out of a waterproof bag, you can keep smells and wet things in. Seal up your smelly workout clothes and trainers or soiled laundry until it is time to wash them. A quick rinse with soap and water and wipe dry, and your dry bag is clean and ready to be used again.

3. Kettlebell Weight

A litre of water is a kilogramme in weight. So, fill your 5L LRP Essentials Waterproof Bag, seal, and snap it tight for a perfectly usable 5kg weight. The handle is just like that of a kettlebell, so you can get in a workout wherever you are.

4. Water / Ice Bucket

You never know when you might need to carry water or ice. Forgot the cooler ice chest? You can keep your beverages cold in your dry bag full of ice. Use it inside out if you want a quick switch back to dry bag.

LRP Essentials Waterproof Bags

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Waterproof bags are more than just for keeping things dry. Share these tips when you give your branded LRP Essentials waterproof bag and set your business above the others. Place your order with us today!