Celebrate Work-Life with LRP Essentials

May 8, 2020

LRP Essentials launches May with a special “THANK YOU pack

May 1st is International Workers’ Day. Every year, all over the world, people celebrate workers from all sectors and specialisations. 

LRP Essentials wants to help you commemorate Labour month with our latest collection, “Thank you, Teams”. These high-quality bags are stylish, durable and come with added extras for safe, healthy living at work, at home, and at play.

Celebrate work-life with LRP Essentials

Branded Basics for Work, Home, and Play

LRP Essentials brings branding back to its fundamental core – We elevate everyday necessities – pens, notebooks, bags – into inspired messaging for you. 

With decades of experience creating promotional items, LR Paris created LRP Essentials as a platform to seamlessly supply your company, organisation, or event with unforgettable gifts for clients, guests, or employees.

Everyone can use a new pen, notebook, or bag. LRP Essentials transforms these practical items into branded beauties. Items like stress balls, stuffed toys, or candies may catch attention, but people need a pen, notebook, or bag every day. A useful item such as a “Thank you” pack (including a bag, post-its, a pen and a Thank You card) shows a consideration unlike other gifts.

Show Your Appreciation with Branded “Thank You” pack

LRP Essentials designed our “Thank You” pack as a handy accessory for everyone. 

More than just a kitschy hold-all, this collection is thoughtful and classy. It includes a canvas bag with leather handles  which can go from work to play effortlessly. Inside are some essential safety items such as certified  masks, a hygienic stylus pen, to avoid fingers contact when shopping, and cute post-its, for that extra something that shows you care.

Celebrate this month by showing your dedication to work/life balance. Make a flawless impression with a tastefully branded “Thank You” pack. Contact us today to find out how to make an impact with LRP Essentials.